2003 Porsche Club Mt Dora - AJR Tour

Nov 2003 - The FL Citrus PCA group held a lunch in Mt Dora, followed by a visit to the Alex Job Racing garage. The pictures below were taken by Patrick, so you'll notice a lot of focus on wheels, exhaust, spoilers and other after market parts. We had a great time, saw some great cars and met with many Porsche friends.
DSCF3680 DSCF3681 DSCF3682 DSCF3684
DSCF3690 DSCF3691 DSCF3693 DSCF3694
DSCF3695 DSCF3696 DSCF3697 DSCF3699
DSCF3700 DSCF3701 DSCF3702 DSCF3703
DSCF3704 DSCF3707 DSCF3709 DSCF3710
DSCF3711 DSCF3713 DSCF3714 DSCF3715
DSCF3716 DSCF3717 DSCF3718 DSCF3719
DSCF3720 DSCF3721 DSCF3722 DSCF3723
DSCF3724 DSCF3725 DSCF3726 DSCF3727
DSCF3728 DSCF3729 DSCF3730 DSCF3731
DSCF3732 DSCF3733 DSCF3734 DSCF3735
DSCF3737 DSCF3738 DSCF3739 DSCF3740
DSCF3741 DSCF3743 DSCF3744 DSCF3746
DSCF3747 DSCF3748 DSCF3749 DSCF3750
DSCF3751 DSCF3752 DSCF3754 DSCF3755
DSCF3756 DSCF3757 DSCF3758 DSCF3759
DSCF3760 DSCF3761 DSCF3762 DSCF3763
DSCF3764 DSCF3765 DSCF3766 DSCF3767
DSCF3769 DSCF3770 DSCF3772