2004 Winter Park Concours

Patrick and I were at the 2004 Winter Park Concours. In recent years we weren't able to attend due to being at the Porsche club driver school, but we didn't go this year. We saw some incredible cars, and the weather was perfect.
DSCF5052 DSCF5053 DSCF5054 DSCF5055
DSCF5056 DSCF5057 DSCF5058 DSCF5059
DSCF5060 DSCF5061 DSCF5062 DSCF5063
DSCF5064 DSCF5065 DSCF5066 DSCF5067
DSCF5068 DSCF5069 DSCF5070 DSCF5071
DSCF5072 DSCF5073 DSCF5075 DSCF5076
DSCF5077 DSCF5078 DSCF5079 DSCF5080
DSCF5081 DSCF5082 DSCF5083 DSCF5084
DSCF5085 DSCF5087 DSCF5088 DSCF5089
DSCF5090 DSCF5091 DSCF5092 DSCF5093
DSCF5094 DSCF5095 DSCF5096 DSCF5097
DSCF5098 DSCF5099 DSCF5100 DSCF5101
DSCF5102 DSCF5103 DSCF5104 DSCF5105
DSCF5106 DSCF5107 DSCF5108 DSCF5109
DSCF5110 DSCF5111 DSCF5112 DSCF5113
DSCF5114 DSCF5115 DSCF5116 DSCF5117
DSCF5118 DSCF5119 DSCF5120 DSCF5121
DSCF5122 DSCF5123 DSCF5124 DSCF5126