Car Shows

2011 Festival of Speed

In November 2011 we went to the Festival of Speed at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Orlando

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2011 Winter Park Concours

The 2011 Winter Park Concours was in November 2011 and unfortunately the participants and attendees had to deal with rain coming and going through the day.

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2010 Cars for the Cure

The 2010 Edition of the "Cars for the Cure" show had more and better cars than prior years. There were a couple very unique, special edition Bugatti Veyrons at the show, which along with 7 other exotics are owned by the same guy.

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2010 - McLaren F1 in Hilton

In January 2010 I was in Reading, UK for a product launch event for my company. This McLaren F1 race car was on display in the hotel lobby. Herve and I debated whether it was a demo or real car, but personally I think it was a T-car (spare) from 2008. See if you can figure out why it would be displayed at a hotel...

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2009 Winter Park Concours

November in Winter Park is the time for the annual Concours show. There were too many cars there to count, with the majority coming from Britian this year.

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2009 SCC Auto Show

In Sept 2009, Lydia and I went to the 3rd annual Seminole Community College Auto Show. There were a lot of different cars at the show, including Buddy's Camaro which was seen doing shake down runs at Road Atlanta when he was on the Horse Power TV show.

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Launch Event for 2009 Renault F1

My company has been a sponsor for the Renault F1 team for many years and some co-workers in Europe were invited to the launch event for their 2009 car

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Don Garlits Racing Museum

In October 2008, my brother was in town on business and we headed to the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum in Ocala, FL. We had never been there before and we were very impressed with the number of cars and memorabilia that Don has assembled there. It brought back a lot of memories from seeing drag racing in the 60's and 70's. There were also several cars there which I had built model car kits of when I was growing up, and some which were inpirations for Hot Wheels cars.

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2007 Professional Racing Industries Show

We got tickets to go to the PRI show courtesy of Buddy and Marilyn

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2004 Winter Park Concours

Patrick and I were at the 2004 Winter Park Concours. In recent years we weren't able to attend due to being at the Porsche club driver school, but we didn't go this year. We saw some incredible cars, and the weather was perfect.

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2004 Rennsport Reunion II - Daytona

The second Porsche Rennsport Reunion was held at the Daytona International Speedway in April 2004, and was an INCREDIBLE event. I was amazed at the number of Porsches which turned out for the event. What was so amazing to me was seeing so many historic Porsche race cars, along with the new Porsche Carrera GT ($450k worth of supercar).

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2003 Porsche Club Mt Dora - AJR Tour

Nov 2003 - The FL Citrus PCA group held a lunch in Mt Dora, followed by a visit to the Alex Job Racing garage. The pictures below were taken by Patrick, so you'll notice a lot of focus on wheels, exhaust, spoilers and other after market parts. We had a great time, saw some great cars and met with many Porsche friends.

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2003 Blackhawk Museum - VERITAS Inventor Award dinner

While Lydia and I were vacationing in San Franciso, we attended a patent award dinner with my company. The venue for this event was the Blackhawk Automotive Museum, located in Danville, CA. Before having to sit down for dinner, I was able to snap a few pictures.

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