Engine Rebuilds

Unfortunately, the BMW M3 engine had to be rebuilt TWICE in 2003. There were some performance related problems in Dec 2002 so I had Buddy investigate - he found cracks in at least one cylinder wall so the block was replaced and the engine rebuilt.

Engine Rebuild 3

In March 2012 I talked to Buddy about improving the performance/speed of my BMW M3 race car. I suggested that he port and polish the head and perhaps do a few other rather minor tweaks on the intake to get a few more hp out of the car. The end result was a complete engine rebuild because after almost nine years of running the existing engine, there was a lot of wear and tear on it. Higher performance parts, including flat top pistons were installed and it sounds GREAT! Buddy finished the work in July 2012 and I'll have it on the track again in August 2012.

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Engine Rebuild 2

The massive engine failure I had at Sebring in Sept 2003 was caused by a broken exhaust valve. The valve rattled around in the cylinder, which chewed up the cylinder, head and piston really badly. End result was that the rod broke loose and proceeded to act like a buzz saw, tearing holes in both sides of the block as well as the oil pan; nearly cut the engine in half! I bought a rebuilt motor and Buddy worked to combine the racing camshafts, vanos, oil pump and other newer parts from my exploded motor. At the same time, I had Buddy install a titanium racing clutch from Quartermaster which was the final solution to clutch problems I had been experiencing all along.

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Engine Rebuild 1

Buddy rebuilt my M3's engine between Dec 2002 and Jan 2003. I had experienced some issues at my track event in Oct 2002 so Buddy inspected the top end of the engine. Cracks in two cylinder walls were found as well as broken gears in the oil pump, a fouled head gasket and damaged Vanos.

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