1995 BMW M3 Racecar

I've had this 1995 BMW M3 race car since 2002 and Buddy has done extensive mofications and improvements to it over the years, plus 3 engine rebuilds at last count!

BMW M3 Racecar

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Engine Rebuilds

Unfortunately, the BMW M3 engine had to be rebuilt TWICE in 2003. There were some performance related problems in Dec 2002 so I had Buddy investigate - he found cracks in at least one cylinder wall so the block was replaced and the engine rebuilt.

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Bad Day at Track - Oct 2010

During my last session of the day at the FL Citrus PCA Driver Education weekend, without any warning the back end of the car broke loose in the middle of turn 3. The car exited the track and thankfully I was able to straighten it out and slow down from 100 MPH to 60 MPH before hitting the burms outside that corner. I experienced 4 Gs coming to a stop. There was body and suspension damage to the car.

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Bringing it home!

Jan 13, 2002 - I brought the new BMW M3 home from Atlanta and started working on cleaning it up - mainly removing many of the stickers on the car.

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Original Research

These are some pictures from the original owner, plus some pictures I found on the internet of the car in various stages of its prior racing experience.

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